Hello World

My first coding blog post


I started learning to code in spring 2016. Well, I say I started then, but I’d kinda dabbled before doing a little bit of python and html/css but never anything particularly serious or in-depth.

What prompted me to start? Well, I’d been thinking I needed a change of career for some time, middle-management in an industry that didn’t inspire me didn’t feel like a great way to spend eight hours a day. I liked solving things, working out how to approach puzzles, and was also attracted by the sheer neatness of code. (I also have a wonderful partner who works in programming who gave me a nudge to get going.)

I worked through 30 days of code on HackerRank, in java and python. Lots of frustration and, it shames me to say, a few angry tears and a fair amount of pouting later, I got through and wanted to keep going.

I looked around for courses and came across freeCodeCamp. It had projects and taught you lessons along the way, but was much less intimidating than giving up work and spending 8000GBP on an intensive coding course when you’re not completely sure yet.

And so, for the last 6 months I’ve been working through the course. I’m now about two thirds of the way through and am sure this is what I want to switch to…..

This blog will look back at what I’ve done to get to this point and what’s currently causing me to tear my hair out.